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Males can be castrated from 6 months old.  We normally recommend waiting a bit longer if you have a larger breed.  You should only castrate your dog if he is confident with people and other dogs.  If you think your dog might be a bit nervous or aggressive please ring us for advice.

Castration involves removing their testicles through a small incision just in front of their scrotum. 

Advantages of castration are:

  • Less likely to roam

  • No chance of them developing testicular cancers

  • Reduces the risk of prostate problems



Females can be speyed 2-3 months after their first season.  (Speying before their first season can increase the risk or urinary incontinence and orthopaedic problems.)  Speying involves removal of their uterus and ovaries

Advantages of speying are:

  • No seasons

  • No unwanted pregnancies

  • No phantom pregnancies (and therefore a reduced chance they will develop mastitis)

  • No possibility of developing a pyometra (a life-threatening womb infection)

  • Reduced chance of developing mammary tumours (especially if you spey them before their second season)



Both males and females fan be neutered from 5 months old.  There are numerous behavioural and medical advantages to having your cat neutered:



Castrating your cat involves surgical removal of their testicles, through 2 holes in their scrotum  Advantages of castration include:

  • Less likely to roam, as they won’t be interested in searching for females

  • Less aggressive, therefore less likely to fight.  This in turn reduces the risk of the developing abscesses or becoming infected with serious diseases such as FeLV and FIV

  • Prevention of unwanted litters

  • Reduction of the strong odour of their urine


Speying your cat involves removing their uterus and their ovaries, through a small incision normally on their side.  Advantages of speying are:

  • No unwanted pregnancies

  • Can’t develop pyometra (a life threatening womb infection)

  • Less chance of developing mammary tumours

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