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Annual Dog booster (Versican DHPPiL4) and health check                    £44.50

(other vaccines are available but the prices differ to the above, so please ask reception for a specific estimate)

Annual Cat booster (Flu and enteritis/flu, enteritis & FeLV)           £36.50 / £49


Full Puppy Vaccination Course and Health Check (Versican DHPPiL4)   £62

Full Kitten Vaccination Course and Health Check                            £51 / £65.50


Initial Vet Consultation   £42

Follow up consultation   £36

Nurse Consultation        £17

Nail Clip                          £17

Neuterings (All prices includes post op consultations.  Post op pain relief and buster collars/pet shirt are priced separately)

Cat Spey            £83

Cat Castrate      £63

Dog Castrate:

0-10kg               £161.50

10-25kg             £186.50

25-40kg            £216.50

40-50               £236.50   

Dog Spey (Price also includes a pre-spay nurse consultation and intra-operative IV Fluids)


0-10kg               £250

10-25                £270

25-40               £295

40-50               £320

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